MS Performance Counters

Hi, Do you have a way to show MS performance counters in Graylog?
I got the MS event allready shown, done with WinlogBeat/sidecar. Thank You.


How do they look inside the messages in Graylog?

The question here are how to get it shown and therefore I can’t tell you how they look.

The data obviously has to be part of the messages received by Graylog and the question is, how the MS Performance Counters are structured in these messages.

Perhaps you could be helpfull advising me on how to get the performance counters into graylog. If you have experienced this before.

Due to your comment in the first post, I expected the information to be already ingested into Graylog

FWIW, you can use a recent version of Metricbeat to collect these metrics:

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That’s great. I’ll look into it. Thanks Jochen.

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