Metrics for data ingest and generation per day/month


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I was wondering if there is a place or a way to see the data ingest (amount of data) as logs per day (or month).
I was looking through the subsections in the System panel but couldn’t find such statistics or metrics.
Of course, I could ssh to my Graylog server and check the disk space but I’d like to check the average amount of logs we’ve been generating over time instead.

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Graylog did not save that data - you need to save that yourself. For example with that plugin to your own metric storage:


Hmmm… okay then, if I want to check the space taken up only by logs data, where and what do I have to look for? Do I have to look into the ElasticSearch server? Which part of it, specifically?
Or is there a place in the Graylog UI that specify the logs data?
I know I can see the indexers’ accumulated data, but I assume that’s not the total data accumulated by logs.

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You can see the indices sizes on the System/Indices page.

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