Message size per stream

Hi folks,

I am wondering if is there a way to see/get the message size ,for instance, per stream to calculate the Storage requirement for a bigger environment than my test-lab. And also to get the storage requriement per sending instance (linux,Windows,NetworkDevice).


There is special field gl2_accounted_message_size from graylog 3.2 you can use to aggregate message size.

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Thanks, I’ll upgrade and test this !

I did the update … but the new dashboard takes getting used to it.
Where can I find this new function or do I have to do some further steps?

Create widget with aggregation function on field gl2_accounted_message_size. Field gl2_accounted_message_size you can found in left menu icon X1 (Fields) after click all including reserved and type gl2 on search field.

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Found it thanks! But I can’t see an information in which pack of data they displayed? KB?

I think it’s bytes.

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