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Message Count and All Messages data information comes when there is no Inputs entry

where do these come from?

I am not sure what you meanā€¦ you should be able to see source in each of the messages that you have there. Not enough information to go on. What inputs do you have, if any? Was this source sending to an input?

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I got the messages coming. Message flow was interrupted when I then delete Inputs before stop the attached Inputs

I still have very little to go on. The way you are describing it, you have stopped and deleted all inputs and there is still information coming into Graylog?

You can find more on how to ask questions with helpful information here and here. It includes things like posting code with the </> forum tool to make code/logs more readable and how to pull config files without including all the comments (Commented lines starting with #) Also making sure you are obfuscating any private informationā€¦

We know nothing about your setup so any relevant information you can provide including steps you have tried are very helpful for figuring out how to solve the incident!

problem solved thanks

I think you received logs with timestamp in the future (compared to Graylog date and hour). So even if you have no inputs, logs were already indexed in Elasticsearch

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thanks for the feedback

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