Masks subnets IP

I have a problem with subnet masking. Devices that send logs are shown as gateway and need a specific device ip address

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Hi @Konrad89 :wave:,

First, welcome to the Graylog Community. The folks around here are generally happy to help. Before we get too into the weeds of what’s going on, I’d suggest reading the community FAQ: . They cover a number of things, but most pertinent to your issue:

  • Tell us what you’ve tried. We need context provided by describing what you’ve done and what issue you’re seeing.
  • Surround configs, scripts, and similar text with ```. It’ll make our reading a bit easier.
  • Provide some (sanitized) configs . While error messages can be helpful, there’s (usually) a reason for the errors and seeing your configs helps everyone involved.

Following those steps should help us get you on the right track.

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@ttsandrew definitely had the better approach… :slight_smile:

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