Manual set stream ID


I have the following problem.
I deleted by mistake stream which has “Remove matches from ‘All messages’ stream” box checked out.
The stream was saving logs to different ELS index and the index is still there and messages into the index have tag which points to the old stream ID
I need to set the ID of the new stream to match the old one so I can see these messages.
There is no such option into the graylog so I thought that I can do it from the mongoDB but when I look into the streams collection with “db.streams.find()” I can’t find the new stream listed there even that i am able to see it in the graylog GUI.
Also even if I find it in the mongoDB I am not sure if I replace the stream ID whith the the one I need I will be able to see the messages.

Any ideas how I can achieve that? Mean to be able to see the messages stored into this index from the graylog GUI?


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