Log entries not in correct order because of identical timestamp

at the moment i am trying to migrate to graylog from very basic textfiles where i am currently logging my agents.
The problem is that i am used to having all my log entries in order and since my agents are quite fast at logging there are multiple log entries for the same timestamp.
Since graylog uses the timestamp to order my messages, the messages that have the same timestamp will now be shown in random order which is confusing.

Here are the log messages in graylog search:

I am currently on Graylog version: 5.0.2

I have tried to come up with a solution to this problem but since i am new to graylog i could not think of a valid solution that would help me

I would like to know how other people deal with this problem or if it just is not a problem to them and they dont care

Here are the messages in my textfile:

(Could not have two images in my post since i am new)

Well, your logs all list the same timestamp. That’s what Graylog gets.

I will look into it and report back.

OK. I’ve got some good news.

There are two possible problems here. First, the agent you are using may be collecting these messages then delivering them in a different order than that in the original file. If that’s the case, there’s not much Graylog can do for you, because that’s the order in which they are arriving.

However, if the agent is delivering them in the same order they are read, the trouble may lie in Graylog itself. At least your version of Graylog.

In version 5.1, we fixed the exact issue you are experiencing by adding a ULID for each message received. This allows for sorting by ULID, even when the timestamps are identical.

You need only to upgrade and it will be resolved. That is, provided your agent is delivering them as read.


Thank you for the quick reply

I will try and update Graylog in the next few days to check the solution but this should fix my problem

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