Linechart not drawing values of 0

Hi all,

the linechart does not seem to draw values of 0. When I have a series of values, every 0 is ignored and the linechart just draws a line between the non-zero values.

Graylog version is: 3.1.3

I reproduced this with a simple count(), but I happens on all data containing values of 0:

I can only attach one screenshot. If you switch visualization type to data table it shows mutliple rows with a count of 0.

This way of drawing the graph gives a severely false impression of the actual data.


Hello @Spoth,

We fixed that for 3.2.0 which will come out soon. I will take a look if a backport to 3.1.x is possible:


Hi Konrad,

thank you for the info, good to know this changes with 3.2. I will just update when the version becomes available, so I personally don’t need a backport.

Thank you for this really great product, I love it! :slight_smile:


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