LDAP authentication fine configuration question

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Hi guys,

I have been using LDAP integrated authentication for some time, with group mapping and the setup works like a charm. The roles are mapped nicely and I am happy.

However I would like to prohibit most users from authenticating into Graylog at all. In other words I don’t want most LDAP users to be able to login to the GUI period.

How can that be accomplished? At present the “mortals” only get a minimal default role but they can still login to the GUI? How can I use group membership to completely block an LDAP login, not just use group membership for mapping onto roles?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you

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Hey @bubba198,

you can use a memberof restriction inside your User Search Pattern :slight_smile:

Here is one example, that we are using:


As a breakdown:

  • (& … ) – Chains all containing bracket groups like (objectClass=user) and (sAMAccountName={0})
  • (memberof=cn=LDAPGroupName,ou=… – Memberof condition that the userObject has to fullfill. Adapt your ou and dc parameters accordingly to your structure. :slight_smile:

Greetings - Phil

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@derPhlipsi that’s excellent idea. Thank you! Testing now…

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