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Graylog Open Insights

Satisfy your curiosity to learn more about Graylog Open Insights! Get access to our expert knowledge base, direct, Enterprise-level technical support, and system health monitoring with detailed instructions on how to improve performance. Open Insights is a way for Open and Small Business users to get the most from their Graylog instance. To join the community’s newest category, “Open Offerings,” send email to

GO: Register for Graylog’s User Conference

Are you GOing to Graylog’s First Annual Graylog User Conference? Dubbed Graylog GO, our gathering of user will provide further education on Graylog best practices to Graylog Open and Enterprise users. The one-day conference, held on Thursday, October 21st, will deliver robust content on how Graylog solutions solve security, compliance, operational and application development issues. For more information on the Graylog GO User Conference listen to the podcast and register for the conference at Graylog Go

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