Kubernetes logs in graylog


I currently have the latest version[3.3.2] of Graylog deployed and it’s working properly. I am able to send all the server logs to Graylog without any issue using a collector-sidecar or collector.

How could we handle Kubernetes cluster logs? Can we do it using the same way, I mean deploying collector-sidecar on all the cluster nodes? or we have some different approaches to handle Kubernetes logs?

There is a doc in the Graylog marketplace regarding this: Kubernetes central logging to Graylog

Tried this ^^ but failed. Should I need to work on this? or deploying collector-sidecar would help?


Check this nice article, which uses fluentbit and graylog (gelf):

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@shoothub Thanks. Also, can’t we continue with collector-sidecar for K8s logs? I mean do we need a centralized logs system for K8s?

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