JSON Websocket as input format

I have an application that creates a outbound Websocket connection to send JSON formatted data.

I’d like to capture that information inside of Graylog for processing, to relieve some client scripts I have that are processing and then uploading via text logs on the host (via filebeat).

Is there an input that can be used to have applications connect (via websocket) and post JSON formatted messages to be captured and logged?
I tried via the RAW/Plaintext, and I just get the HTTP request/response.


2021-05-24 17:20:12.072 +00:00
Connection: Upgrade
2021-05-24 17:20:12.072 +00:00
Sec-WebSocket-Key: fOpmqo2phXTtd6RsErtfdw==
2021-05-24 17:20:12.072 +00:00
Upgrade: websocket
2021-05-24 17:20:12.072 +00:00
GET / HTTP/1.1
2021-05-24 17:20:12.072 +00:00
User-Agent: WebSocket++/0.8.1

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