Is this a valid reverse proxy scenario?

Hi everyone,
I’m looking to enable TLS for Graylog webui and rest endpoint on Graylog 2.4.5.
I configured Graylog to listen on and I put nginx on all Graylog servers (3) to handle TLS and do reverse proxy.
I got a working setup but I have a strange issue with a global input that shows stopped/ running at random times (multiple times per minutes) and when looking in the documentation, I saw that to enable TLS on the Graylog stack, the method with nginx is noted to be available for single node installation …
My question is : is the nginx proxy TLS a correct scenario for a multi nodes Graylog setup?

If not, I’ll revert back to enable TLS in Graylog itself.

your described setup is nothing unusual - but you might have some quirks in your configuration what is hard to tell without any knowledge of that.

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