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Hi all,
Thanks in advance for the help,

I have a basic question but i didn’t get it after reading the documentation online.
I’ve just realized that I’m using only 17% of my memory’s server where graylog is running.
For the moment, graylog is working with the initial configuration :
Max docs per index: 20000000 / Max number of indices:16

My first idea to use at least 80% of that memory is to put “max_number_of_indices” at 80.
But maybe I can also change de “max_docs_per_index” parameter, … or something else ?
I really don’t know ! If someone needed the same kind of changement from the initial configuration file, let me know
Thank you again


How many indices You have now?

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I’m already using the 16 indices (the max number in my configuration file) so I can’t have more than 320 000 000 messages and use more than 17% of memory

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Why don’t you use the Index Size as an option?

We have it this way. It is more comfortable for us.

Edit: As an example for a big index file: 18.9GB / 20,632,306 messages

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Oh ! Could be another good option sure …
And what is the best choice ? A high “max_index_size” value ? A high “max_number_of_indices” value ? A mix ?
Thanks again

Edit : for example, with 30 indices max as your own configuration, I need an index size at 40GB each, i don’t know

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You might want to have a look at this blog post from 2016.

I found it last year. There are interesting aspects for sizing the Graylog system.

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Oh thanks again !! It has been really usefull, I think I will use a higher max number of indices with a “max index size” value instead of “max docs per index”
Thks ! All the best

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