Index Rotation Configuration

Now the rotation is set:
Index Rotation Configuration
Select rotation strategy: Index time
Rotation period (ISO8601 Duration): P1D
Select retention strategy Delete the index
Max number of indices : 30

Currently the log is 28 indices, 85,670,821 documents, 67.9GiB.
Start running out of place. Is it possible to change the rotation mode to Index Size on the fly?

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Yes, You would adjust the max number of indices and then Click on Recalculate index ranges.


Index size , not that I know of. If the indices are to large I would adjust what is being ingested or limit the amount of fields needed. Or both.

With log shippers this can be adjusted to send only what’s needed.

This documentation may help.

At the moment, the maximum number of indexes is set to 30. And there are only 28 of them, I click “Recalculate index ranges” and nothing changes. How can the size be reduced?

Nothing changes because there are still less indexes (28) than configured maximum (30). You can reduce number of indexes to smaller number, then click to Maintenance → Rotate active write index.

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Set the value of Max number of indices:
25. Clicked Maintenance → Rotate active write index and nothing changed 28 indices, 90,661,627 documents, 70.8GiB. How to fix the number of indexes and reduce the size?

Index retention takes some time. Under System messages you should see something like Running retention…

System jobs something should be displayed? Now there are No active system jobs.

System → Overview under System messages

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