Increase index.max_result_window Graylog 3.3.1

hello i have this error message :
what is efficient way to permanently increase “index.max_result_window” for old and for new Indices ?

While retrieving data for this widget, the following error(s) occurred:

  • Elasticsearch limits the search result to 10000 messages. With a page size of 150 messages, you can use the first 66 pages. Search type returned error: Result window is too large, from + size must be less than or equal to: [10000] but was [40641900]. See the scroll api for a more efficient way to request large data sets. This limit can be set by changing the [index.max_result_window] index level setting.

you really want to have a more specific query … when you have “fixed” the search on elasticsearch your desktop/browser will crash because it needs to build graphs and display the results…

thank you for replay
just want to know from where and how to increase index.max_result_window. just for testing

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