Import raw logs

Good day my professor sent me some raw logs (.log) to analyze but i have not been able to find a demo how to import them can someone assist

assuming you have Graylog stood up. install/configure filebeat on the system with the .log files and send them to graylog.

shame on you if this is homework and you are asking instead of researching.

I did try that methid before i came here the sidecare has been deprecated

sidecar is still available, but it is by no means needed… Download the latest one from elastic, install it and configure it on the system. Send the logs to graylog, configure and input to receive it and viola!

You don’t need sidecar. especially for a one off scenario like this.

If you get stuck along the way… post and perhaps we can help.

I think i am confused i am trying to analyze data that was sent to me via a email i downloaded it and want to send it to graylog…

ok… you have the .log file on your computer… download and install filebeat on your system. configure it to read the .log file and send it to graylog via a configured input.

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