Import Logs from Endian Firewall

Hi All,

I installed a graylog server and planing to import Endian Firewall and proxy logs to the Graylog server. Is there any manual or a guideline for this? It would be great if you could guide through the process.


how does the system you want to ingest the logs from provide their logs? Are they able to send syslog?

That would change how you work on that topic. I do not know that product and can’t help on that - but maybe someone from the community is able to.

They have a Syslog server option. Never tried out. In case it can send the data to syslog server, how can I prepare Graylog server to receive data and visualize the data?

you really want to read the getting started guide:

Thanks. I Already read the startup guide, Just want to know any plugin to use the Endian logs.

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