If I enter SSL license, GrayLog does not run

Good Morning.

I have a problem and it is that I wanted to install a certificate from my company, they have provided me with a PKCS file which contained both the certificate and the key, from this PKCS file I have created 2 new different files which have by division, one the certificate and another the key, these two files with .PEM format.

The fact is that GrayLog has always been working correctly for me but when wanting to add the SSL certificate, the following happens.

[MongoAuditLogPeriodical] Not running cleanup for auditlog entries in MongoDB because there is no valid license.

It would be great if someone could help me solve this problem, greetings and thank you very much!

Hi there !
I’ve been struggling a bit with SSL too few months ago : is Graylog still working or is this just that message that bugs you ?
Because it looks like Graylog is telling you that you do not have a proper license for Graylog Enterprise.
I don’t feel it has anything to do with SSL !

Cheers and good luck !


@Ginkgo_Balboa I agree.

You have installed the Graylog Enterprise Plugins but not installed a license …

A “free” License here: Download & Install Graylog
What is included in Enterprise: Graylog Enterprise

Did you use these instructions for you SSL?

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Echoing @gsmith here @Pavane . There’s a difference between SSL/TLS and having an Enterprise license. The error you’re seeing is basically just indicating that you don’t have an enterprise license.

@aaronsachs @gsmith
Good morning and thanks in advance for lending me your help, of course, this GrayLog server does not have an Enterprise license since it is in a personal laboratory to perform a series of tests before taking the step and buying a license, it may be that the version free does not allow SSL certifications?

Free or enterprise, both will run with TLS. Can you show us the steps you’ve taken to enable TLS and where you’re running into issues? Did you follow the steps in Using HTTPS — Graylog 4.1.0 documentation if using self signed certificates?

I have managed to solve this problem, it was the format of the certificate that was not in PKCS8 .PEM
Like the key that was not in X.509 .PEM I have opened another post for another problem and it is that when configuring to enable the domain for HTTPS, neither HTTPS nor even HTTP works for me, but this post as such is Solved, thank you!

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And no, I am not using a self signed certificate, it is a wildcard ssl certificate

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