HTML decorations alerts

(dsever) #1


Is it possible to have html in alert body, because for customers a need to create pretty alert?
Looks it provides only plain text.


(Jochen) #2

The E-mail Alarm Callback only supports plaintext bodies out of the box.

(dsever) #3

Any way to create it “not” out of the box? :wink:


(Jochen) #4

You could write a custom alarm callback which supports HTML bodies in emails.

See for details.


Any ther suggestion which doesn’t not involves learning how to write a plugin just to have some html code in the email? I just want to put the alerts in a table…

(Jochen) #6

You could sponsor the development of such a plugin by someone else or ask Graylog, Inc. if it’s possible to sponsor the implementation of this feature.


Right, so it’s time to write some code. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey, that’s cool, the first plugin I’m studing to understand how it works is one you contributed, the “hipchat plugin” :slight_smile: