How To Suppress Email Notification

During our production maintenance period I was looking for a way to suppress Email Notification on Graylog 3.1. In this case, events are still triggered, data is still collected, event notifications are simply omitted to avoid being a nuisance. The only thing I have seen was to remove the Notifications from the Event Definitions. I was wondering if there is an easier way to temporary disable the notification during the maintenance period. I looked through community forum an was unable to find anything that would fit my needs, perhaps I have over looked something.

My Environment:
CentOS 7 Latest Version
Graylog 3.1.1+b39ee32

Also, I looked through here.

Any advice, Ideas or direction would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

make it possible to pause notifications on purpose for a specific time is currently not possible. It would be a feature request over at the Github server repository to make it possible to pause notifications.