How to send event log from Server 2016?


I am trying to send Graylog with NXLog on the logs on Windows Server 2016.
I can send event log from Server 2012 with the same configuration but this doesn’t work on Server 2016.
It looks like an IN / OUT message, but the Dashboard does not reflect the log.
I used Graylog Collector-Sidecar but it does not work.
What can I do?


Provide all information and details you have so we can try to help.

Hi jochen,

Thank you for your help.
Here is my nxlog.conf file:

This file is running on Server 2012, I can see the logs in the Graylog interface:

The same configuration file does not work on Windows Server 2016.
In Windows Server 2016 nxlog.log there is only this:
2018-02-26 15:28:00 INFO nxlog-ce-2.9.1716 started

Anything else to help you?

Info: I’m writing the server IP address in Server_IP. I wrote this to hide the IP address.

Hello again,

I have found an alternative solution to this problem.
Send the logs as JSON, not as a GELF.
The NxLog config file should look like this:

Graylog Inputs should be like this:

Parse incoming logs through Graylog Extractors. :slight_smile:
Expression link:

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