How to search logs with graylog



i use the graysquid Input in order to collect the squid’s logs, but when i want to search a log which contain the string of caracters “cucumber”, there a message in Search, fields : message : Analysis features for this field have been disabled by the administrator.

how to enable it ?

Thanks you by advance

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  • What exactly is your search string?
  • What Elasticsearch Version did you have?



What exactly is your search string ?
It’s the domain-name of an website, exemple :

My Elasticsearch version :

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@flo so you just type in

in the search field of Graylog?


Oh thanks a lot i found the research bouton ! :smiley:

Now i would like to search a keyword with regular expression like : google
Because your solution works only with complete domain-name:

(sorry for my bad english)

(Jochen) #6

The “Filter Fields” text input only filters available message fields, e. g. you could enter “appl” and it would show the “application_name” field.

If you want to search field contents, you’ll have to use the search input on top (next to the green button with the white magnifying glass).

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