How to run graylog server and client in local machine

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can any one please let me know how to run graylog server and client i had an bad time trying to run in my local machine

Note: i don’t want to install graylogserver and client i want to run the code base

please help

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Hej @manjukb002

you like to develop for Graylog - what are the steps you already tried?

What System you are developing on? Did you know:

(Manjunath) #3

Yes actually I need to run the code base and make some changes on it

As of now I have cloned the git repo and trying to run it but it seams to be complex and not able to run it

I can see multiple project inside single git repo

Please through some light on how to setup and start devlopment
I use both windows and Linux
I have no idea about the git repo you have shared with me

It will be great help for me

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