October 21, 2021
10am-5pm CT

How to play: Where are You on the Graylog Journey

Whether your just starting the journey, or setting up and running Graylog, share your Graylog journey experience, step-by-step, in our week GraylogBook. Help members complete each step, from installation to configuration to using Graylog like a boss.

How to play: Each week, starting with Step 1, the week on June 21, we’ll post the next step in the Graylog journey. Your task–should you choose to accept it–is to reply with your real-life Graylog experience in each (or specific) step. How did you do with this step? What worked for you? Or didn’t? How might the community help get you to the next step in your journey?

Join us now by entering your weekly posts in the GraylogBook. Let our members know where you are and where you’re going in the Graylog journey. We’re sure to meet somewhere along the road to success.

**Post weekly and get 1 to 12 chances to enter the Graylog User’s Journey contest to win a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate (see details) **