How to make Graylog receive Audit log by RabbitMQ

Hi All:
i have a storage system ,which support audit log, can send the audit logs to Graylog through RabbitMQ . but i do not know how to configure them. Could you please give me some advices?


where do you need the advice for? How to configured Graylog to connect to the RabbitMQ or how to send the logs of your storage to RabbitMQ?

That is not clear from your request.

we need Graylog do file level audition, need be able to follow and check who have read/write files and when .
our storgae as RabbitMQ client, active reporting of logs.

you actually want get guidance how to connect Graylog to the RabbitMQ to read messages?

System > Inputs select RAW/Plaintext AMQP and put your data into the modal. That should already give you the option to read from the queue.

Hi Jan:
Thanks for your reply. I have create the Raw/Plaintext AMQP input, but the input start Failed .

well, how should anybody help you with that?

You do not provide any description, if you checked the log messages, how you have configured the input - if you checked if your Graylog server is able to connect the the AMQP Server and many more questions are now to answer.

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