How to get data from database?

I have a mysql database and i need to monitor a query result, is that possible with graylog?
eg: select count(*) from table where status = ‘fail’; and plot this results on an historical graph with the values

Graylog itself can’t do this. You need to ingest the information with a script that collects the information and forward that to Graylog.

I’m in the same boat: certain of our applications store their logs inside their database, without offering an option to forward logging to an external receiver (such as Syslog, GELF, etc). Thus we will have to dig in the database :frowning:

Of course, you could always hackle the vendor and send them feature requests for log forwarding. That’s what I’m doing with at least one of our vendors.

do a cron job, what runs a mysql query for the last X mins, format it and send the result with nc or logger

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