How to find how far back logs go?

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I was wondering if there was a simple command to type in the graylog interface (query perhaps?) where I can see what the oldest log in all of the indexes are? I want to see how far back I can go back. I realize this could fluctuate depending on log volume and if there are any events going on currently, etc. I am using the OVA and maybe I am missing it, but is there some place that I can check this, or is it simply choosing a source and seeing how far it goes back?

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if you did not configured any messages retention in the Graylog OVA it will keep all data until the disk is out of space. You should configure the retention:

Now your question - go to ‘System > Indices’ select your index set and you will get a list of indices including the Information for what time period those indices are for.

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