How to do an API call on a field?

Hey all,
How do I do the logstash equivalent of:

filter { 
  rest { 
     request => { url => "http://somecontainer/someaction/%{field}" }
     target => "calculated_field"

I’ve looked into creating a custom function in Rules but that might be a bit over my head. Any other paths to do this? Thanks.

you should be a little more verbose …

did you want to have one input? Did you want to create a lookup_table?

What is the outcome of your action?

Similar to a lookup table but live results.

Field: Domain
api: http://something/Alexa_score/${Domain}
New Field: Alexa_score

So I can get a result indicating an alexa score, or a CVSS score, or an amazon book score, whatever I want to query. It’s trivial in logstash, that’s why I was surprised I couldn’t figure it out.

ok - that is not similar to a lookup table that is a lookup table.

Sorry but you speak in terms that only a person can understand who knows both products - maybe next time you should describe the action you like to do and only give the way it works in another product …

Create your own lookup table and you can add the the lookup from any source you like:

Thanks for the reply.

Somehow I missed this line in the docs regarding lookup tables:

‘…execute HTTP requests to receive the lookup result…’

That’s exactly what I want to do!

My apologies for the terminology, I don’t know either product very well (Graylog or ELK stack).
I wish I could take a 5 day course on it!

Thanks for your help.

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I wish I could take a 5 day course on it!

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