Hot/Warm Architecture and wrongly assigned shards on Elasticsearch 7.10

1. Describe your incident:
I’m trying to setup a Hot/Warm Architecture with Elasticsearch 7.10.2. via node attr box_type, but shards are still assigned to nodes which are set to “warm”

curl http://localhost:9200/_cat/nodeattrs

foo0083 box_type hot
foo1080 box_type hot
foo1081 box_type hot
foo1082 box_type hot
foo0084 box_type hot
foo0086 box_type hot
foo0085 box_type hot
foo0081 box_type hot
foo0082 box_type hot
foo1087 box_type warm
foo1086 box_type warm
foo1088 box_type warm
foo1085 box_type warm

Custom mapping

  "template": "fw_audit_*",
   "settings": {
    "index": {
      "routing": {
        "allocation": {
          "require": {
            "box_type": "hot"
      "refresh_interval": "30s"
  "mappings": {
    "properties": {
      "client_ip": {
        "type": "ip"
      "target_ip": {
        "type": "ip"
Shard output

fw_audit_463  1     r      STARTED    296209230  45.9gb foo1085
fw_audit_502  1     r      STARTED    246735688    77gb foo1085
fw_audit_484  2     p      STARTED    172817454  51.7gb foo1085
fw_audit_470  1     p      STARTED    270558453  81.7gb foo1085
fw_audit_508  1     p      STARTED    284684002  86.9gb foo1085
fw_audit_450  0     r      STARTED    271875377  37.7gb foo1085
fw_audit_439  0     p      STARTED    294420183    46gb foo1085
fw_audit_507  2     r      STARTED    261709599  74.7gb foo1085
fw_audit_449  0     p      STARTED    281349238  43.4gb foo1085
fw_audit_457  0     r      STARTED    253075699  35.6gb foo1085
fw_audit_476  0     p      STARTED    212195528    65gb foo1085
fw_audit_483  1     r      STARTED    186939149  57.6gb foo1085
fw_audit_486  2     p      STARTED    166063109  49.1gb foo1085
fw_audit_482  2     p      STARTED    188272068  58.2gb foo1085
fw_audit_447  1     p      STARTED    263052054    43gb foo1085
fw_audit_445  2     r      STARTED    278579183  43.7gb foo1085
fw_audit_517  1     p      STARTED    283368483  88.6gb foo1085
fw_audit_520  2     r      STARTED    240099732  70.1gb foo1085
fw_audit_503  1     r      STARTED    231039879  73.6gb foo1085

From my expectation, the warm nodes shouldnt receive any shards with this configuration…

2. Describe your environment:

  • OS Information: Ubuntu 20.04

  • Package Version:
    ii elasticsearch-oss 7.10.2 amd64 Distributed RESTful search engine built for the cloud
    ii graylog-server 4.2.5-1 all Graylog server

Any help/hint is very appreciated.


Hello @riskersen

Only time I execute a Hot/Warm/Cold Architecture with indices was in ELK, and I could do it from the Web UI. But as for executing it on Graylog, I have not BUT I did run into this perhaps it may help if you haven’t seen it already

Also have you seen this?


thanks for the link. It seems, that you are right. ES7 introduced a lot of new features related to data tiering.

I will have a look on that.



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