Histogram Binning with Timezones

I have a server that runs on UTC and my profile is set to use my current timezone (Los Angeles) and things seem to work fairly well, except when I try to display a histogram and choose resolution greater than hourly.

Here is an example of correct data with Hour resolution:

As you can see in the top histogram, the time scale across the bottom shows midnight to midnight in my local time zone. If I switch to Day resolution (lower histogram), it now bins the histogram with a day outside my search range and shows two bars. Also, the tooltip for the first bar (which is over Tue 15 in the timeline) indicates the value is for Monday 14 May, which also seems strange.

The sum of the two bars seems to be correct, but the way they were binned seems strange to me. I would have expected just one bar with 23 results and with the date of what I’m searching for (2018-05-15).

I am not running the latest version of graylog (2.2.3), so that may have been fixed in a newer version. However, I checked the changelogs and didn’t see anything that looked like it may have fixed this.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, or is there some configuration I can use to make this behave more like I would expect?

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