Help with timestamp charts


Can you please help me with creating timestamp replace from message log, that I can do a timechart on error messages.

I was create a pipeline to replace timestamp but when is enabled graylog does not show any log message:

I use this log message - 2017-05-22T03:10:16+00:00 itc2000 daemon info itcTransceiver[1320]: SBCWorkflow: now 1970-Jan-03 17:50:18.831346 (0.-247636)"

I create extractor with name test and extract this timestamp - 2017-05-22T03:10:16+00:00

rule "parse event timestamp"

And with this pipeline I want replace standard timestamp with my message timestamp that I can create timeline chart.

Thank for all suggestion!

Hej Boris,

what is the processing order? Will Processing Pipelines run after Message Filter Chain or before? It need to run after.

It is Message Filter Chain -> Pipelines and geo disabled

Thanks for try help! I loos about a week on this problem !

Problem is when i search some error I want to create timestamp line when
this error occures!

napisao je:

Hej Boris,

does that work if you are using not the timestamp field?

Yes if I use some FileName or some new label it copy time to this field
only if I set timestamp doesn’t work.

Do graylog has some workaround for manual imported logs, that I can have
error timestamp histogram

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