Help with some Graylog Notify

Hi guys. We have some problems with the alert to a telegram.
I create a Definition with a query where i say - select level:3 AND device_name. Before I create stream rule with some regular expressions and check it on same window - they works!
So my questions: Need I choose Aggregation of results reaches a threshold or if I have results choose Filter has results ? And next in window Notifications what i have todo on field Grace Period and Message Backlog.
My tasks are this - when has a problem of our device has been - send a message from Stream of device and with a query in our Definitions settings to Telegram…
At now we have not see many alerted messages that has in graylog search stream…
Please help…

First read carefully documentation about alerts:

If you want basic alerting, use Filter has result.
If you want only one message appear in notification, setup Message Backlog to 1.

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