Group Data Table messages using a field Graylog

Graylog version: 3.3.15
OS Version: Linux 5.11.0 on AWS VM

Hi everybody,

I have a Data Table connected to a stream where I receive the connections to the services. A field in the entering messages has a URL with the format / service /client_id, and I visualized them alongside other insights, resulting in something like:

  • domain/service1/client1
  • domain/service1/client2
  • domain/service1/client3
  • domain/service1/client4

The problem comes when I try to group them in a single field related to the service, like:

  • domain/service1/Insight1 Insight2
  • domain/service2/Insight1 Insight2

Is there a way to achieve this? I have been searching for ages on my own and nothing has helped me out so far, I really appreciate any ideas you might have on this.


Hello && Welcome.

I might be able to help.
Within each message does it contain all of these at once?

If not, you could create a field/s called "client’ then group those fields through a pipeline.

Could you explain in greater detail what your trying to achieve?

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