Group by and count distinct

Hi, not sure if this is possible.

Let’s say I have 3 servers, and a field hostname populated with


Logs imported will have the following log_file_path field


What I would like to see is a stacked bar graph (or similar) where I can show
For each hour, show me the number of unique log files (count), stacked by hostname.

This would look something like this (created in Excel)


Is such a thing possible?

You’ll note that Server03 in my example generated more log files than the other servers (or at least, more log files were ingested) and that’s what I want to be able to visualise.

you would be able with the extended search - but not with the default widgets

Thanks - A bit of googling suggests to me that that is an enterprise feature only? (related to “views” ?)

yes - currently it is.

When it is deeper integrated into the system it will become part of the core and so open source.

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