Graylogs dropping events

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Hi Team,

I have a feeling that graylog 2.4.0 is dropping events randomly. I am using nxlog with filter to ingest windows security audit logs, only sending specific events not all, i have default buffer set.

I can see more of bad password, account lockout events on server however the number doesn’t tally between server and graylog. Filter works but graylog isn’t showing all logs.

I don’t see any reference to nxlog dropping events in nxlog.log. The server which is sending the logs and graylog server has sufficient resources and no performance issues.

Is there a way to ascertain if nxlog is dropping events or graylog is dropping events?


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it could be - but not should be.

you would found that dropping in the logfiles … and what transport did you use? maybe just UDP “loose” some messages?

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I am using gelf TCP.

I have deleted the gelf nxlog input and added it again, given service a restart and now i am able to see the logs. probably something wrong with my filters.

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