Graylog where to find system logging

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I’m a new Graylog user and I’ve seen that in the System-Logging section I can decide the level of graylog logging. Where I can see these logs in the webui?

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System → Logging :sunglasses:

And the logs will live on the Graylog node in /var/log/graylog-server

There are some other threads in the community that address how to ingest these logs into Graylog, if that is a requirement.

Yes it’s what I want, see the graylog-server log from the webui. Is it normal that on /var/log/graylog-server/ I have just one server.log file? I would expect more logs considering that on System - Logging I have 4 different level to setup

Yes, one file is normal. You can indepedantly set the logging level of different modules within Graylog, but its all part of the same service.

Thank you. Can you point me to the topic about inject the server.log into the Graylog to be seen from the webui? I can’t find it. Thank you

Be careful ingesting Graylogs own logs… There is the slight possibility of an error in the ingestion process casing a compounding log storm… :crazy_face:

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It’s just seems weird that I can’t see for example users activity from the webui. Can I use a sidecar to retrieve log from graylog itself?

yes, you can do that like any other system, it will work just fine. :slight_smile:

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