Graylog Web unreachable after update to 4

I updated the appliance(3.5 to 4.0) then after a reboot went to the web address and found the “Graylog is not currently reachable…” page. Is there another switch I need o throw?
Thanks, Jorge

This is most likely caused by CORS not being enabled. It’s something quite a few people have encountered.

Thank you for your time.
I added the line
http_enable_cors = true
to server.conf and rebooted, but still get the “Graylog is currently not reachable” page.

Also I am using the IP and not DNS name.


Hello and welcome,

To better help you out and try to solve your issue it would be great to have more details of your configurations and/or setup. If you unsure what details you need have a look at this link.


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Please provide more information about your configuration and current state. What’s the status of the services? Are graylog-server, mongod, and elasticsearch all running? Are there any errors in the logs?

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The graylog-server is up and running as a VM in a test environment. We do not use mongod or elasticsearch. We were able to open the web interface before we updated to 4, now we reach “Graylog is currently not reachable”

What do you mean you don’t use MongoDB or Elasticsearch? Those are required components for Graylog to function. MongoDB stores Graylog configuration information and Elasticsearch indexes the documents.


Ok, how do I check them from the command prompt?

That depends on your environment. For me the commands are

sudo systemctl status graylog-server
sudo systemctl status mongod
sudo systemctl status elasticsearch

Elasticsearch being unavailable wouldn’t prevent the web interface from loading but either graylog-server or mongod could.

You’ll also want to check for any errors the logs for those services.

The mongod and elasticsearch seem to be running and happy but graylog-server ends with code-exited, status =1/FAILURE.
Looking with journalctl -u graylog-server -b I find Exception in thread “main” java.lang. on and on
Causd by : Java.lang.ClassNotFoundException and on and on for some 1831 pages.
So is a java update called for here?

Do you have the enterprise plugins installed? Did you also update those?

I did an apt update and upgrade and the web interface is back. Yea! thank yous to gsmith and ttsandrew.
I do not have enterprise plugins installed but will be trying to start a trial soon.
Thanks again.

Glad it’s working. Be aware that if you just installed every available update package on your system it may now be on an unsupported version of Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch 7.10 is the latest officially compatible version and there have been reported issues with versions newer than that.

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