Graylog SYSLOG output truncated

I installed the JAR file to manage syslog output.

I’m trying to send data from my Graylog to another syslog with the message format set as “structured”.

When I check the exported message, it’s truncated. I tried to change all parameters (tcp, udp…) but the log is still truncated.

I only have the complete message if I do the FULL type export, but I have the message twice :frowning:

How can I extend the log lenght or which settings do I have to do to have an complete export with the structured format?

I’m running the lastest OVA version of Graylog.


Have you tried filing a bug report with the developer of the Syslog Output plugin?

Nope, not yet, I’m not a Github user and I wasn’t sure - and I’m still don’t know - if it’s a bug or a configuration issue.

Do you have the same behavior?

@Greg_oir how many fields did you send over to the other Syslog system? You might run in the Syslog Limitation regarding the size of a message.

@jan not sure how can check it to give you the exact answer. I’m trying to forward Active Directory log (GPO modification, authentication etc etc)

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