Graylog SIDECAR API key

hi guys, i’ve created the Windows_sidecar

Is perfectly working, based on the winlogbeats - installed with the Graylog Sidecar installer on the windows machine.

Problem is that when i created the API on graylog server graphic interface - it showed the API key at that moment - but now i cannot find it anymore where the damn thing is.

i tried all the ‘edit’ buttons and more action drop menus and stuff - is nowhere to be found.

HELP :frowning:

as i need to configure my next windows machine and i need it :((

Luckily is in the Sidecar.yml file on the windows machine, but this is shit anyway, not to be able to see it in the GL interface.

I know they solved this issue with 4.3, but i need to remain on 4.1 as making it work, the 4.3 proved not to… as ES was ruled out…

Please read the discussion about this specific feature (or regression) here : Copy existing API token for Sidecar System User · Issue #11087 · Graylog2/graylog2-server · GitHub


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