Graylog over MPLS link in second DC

Hi all,

we’re thinking of consolidating our 2 Graylog instances in 2 different locations into 1 instance in our main datacenter. Both locations are connected with a direct MPLS link.
Do you think it’s doable? The round-trip-time is 10ms.

We want to collect the logs in one big system and don’t want to switch between locations when looking in the logs. We’re talking about 5GB of logs per day over the MPLS links.

Any hints are appreciated. Do you have a better idea? Please share! :slight_smile:


We have something similar this. What we have is three Graylog servers in three different countries. Two of the three Graylog servers were using as a Proxy servers, which feeds the third Graylog server. This was done by creating an OUTPUT on a STREAM.

Hope that helps.

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This sounds like a very good idea.
I’ll try that.

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