Graylog Output Driver Disconnection Behavior

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I’m using graylog version 2.3.2 to output to logstash to archive all my log messages into an S3 bucket and while doing some testing. If I shutdown the logstash node and the 2 graylog servers stop writing logs into elasticsearch. I had to restart graylog for the messages to process out of the java jvm. Is this a known issue ?

Second question, anyone know of a broker solution I can use as an output from graylog been searching haven’t had much luck.

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how did you forward the messages from Graylog to logstash?

If the target of your output in Graylog is not reachable Graylog is not able to process the messages and you need to stop/remove the output from the streams. After that happened Graylog will process all messages that are buffered.

I personal only know the Redis Plugin ( ) that might fit into your needs.

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How did you forward the messages from Graylog to logstash?
The output is GELF Output from graylog and GELF input to logstash.

That makes more sense, I didn’t remove all the streams the output was attached before restarting graylog.

Thanks the redis plugins look very promising.

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