Graylog not showing messages that match the extractor

I have an input set for UDP port 514.

I am sending a SYSLOG message in CEF format and have a GROK extractor set.

When running the GROK extractor against a sample message - it matches and works perfectly, extracting the data to the fields I set.

When sending a test message from the platform that’s supposed to be sending the SYSLOG, when there’s a match to the extractor the message doesn’t show up in “Search”.

Any help would be appreciated.

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By default Graylog won’t listen on ports <1024 as they are ‘privileged ports’.

Are you sure your input is running?

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Yes it’s running correctly. As mentioned above, I am receiving the SYSLOG messages, but they don’t go through only when they match the GROK pattern.

Any other test message that doesn’t fit the extractor goes through fine.


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