Graylog needs Port for Input

Hi, this may be kind of a Beginner question.
But i want to be clear about things are done right with graylog.


  • I want to have graylog running behind traefik Loadbalancer/Proxy.
  • The only open port on traefik is 80 and 443 because traefik does ssl termination.

Do i have to open a port (traefik doesn’t support udp/tcp) ?
Can i have Input to graylog via http/https?

Or is this setup simply not possible and i need an LB which is able to handle udp/tcp?

All depends on you.
The graylog has http input, if the sender supports it, but it won’t listen on 80, (Graylog don’t use ports under 1024 (need root rights, or some handworks))
On the load balancer, you will need do some http header configuration.


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