Graylog log ingestion from file path and not from port listening

I need a suggestion to address this use-case of log-ingestion from specific file path from syslog VM.
So right now all the logs come to syslog VM.
I have installed graylog server on syslog VM itself.

The logs are saved in ‘/import/syslog/messages’.

What is the best way to ingest this in the Graylog?
I have read about Graylog-sidecar and Filebeat but is there any simple way to implement this?


What you can use in order.

  • Graylog-side car /w FileBeat or NXlog ( preferred)
  • Single install Nxlog ( easy ,light weight)
  • Single install FileBeat
  • Rsyslog

Any log shipper you will have to configure to grab those log files.

Example of what needs to be added to the log shipper configuration file.


- input_type: log
    - /import/syslog/messages
  type: log


<Input in>
    Module       im_file
    FILE         "/import/syslog/messages"
    SavePos       TRUE
    ReadFromLast  TRUE
    PollInterval  1
    Exec  $Message = $raw_event;

Hope that helps

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