Graylog Incoming vs Outgoing Traffic Dashboard

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Is it possible to plot a graph & add it to dashboard for graylog incoming vs outgoing traffic? I see the outgoing traffic under system\overview however i don’t see an option to add it to the dashboard nor do i see any message size field where i can run search & do stats.

appreciate your assistance in this direction.

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he @v_2nas

what Graylog version are we talking? The latest version has a message size field but that only records the bytes that are written to elasticsearch not the bytes that are ingested.

You would need to calculate the message before any modification is done and after all modification is done to get both numbers.

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Hi @Jan I am using graylog 3.2.3.
Even if i can get the data that is written to elastic search that would be helpful something similar to what is already there.

In the older version, I noticed, that it would also show the sources & data volume breakup. I am trying to get those metrics into a dashboard to respond to any anomalies when we see usual spike in logs received.

he @v_2nas

when you write metrics somewhere you could get those to know the traffic

If you do not have this option you could create a bar chart on the accounted message size like:

This would at least show what is ingested to elasticsearch …

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