Graylog getting partial logs

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I am completely new to graylog and following tutorials to setup my env

1. Describe your incident:

I am running graylog server on virtual box with ubuntu OS,
I am connect to gray log server on http://XXX.XXX.186.96:9000/ successfully, can see dashboard, and I am trying to send log from my local running quarkus application to graylog.

    debug-enabled-for-tenants: ${TENANT_DEBUG:off}
    min-level: DEBUG
    audit-log-enabled: ${AUDIT_LOG_ENABLED:true}
      format: "%d{dd:MM:yyyy HH:mm:ss:SS} %-5p [logType:%X{logType}] [x_request_id:%X{X-Request-ID}] [traceId=%X{traceId}, parentId=%X{parentId}, spanId=%X{spanId}, sampled=%X{sampled}], [tenant_id:%X{tenant}] [thread=%t] [class=%c] [operation=%X{operationName}] [error_code=%X{errorCode}] [business_identifiers={%X{businessIdentifiers}}] : %m%n"
      level: ${LOG_LEVEL:INFO}
      darken: 0
        enabled: ${GRAYLOG_ENABLED:true}
        host: ${}
        port: ${GRAYLOG_PORT:12201}
        level: ${LOG_LEVEL:TRACE}

and created the input like this

decompress_size_limit: 83886080
max_message_size: 2097152
number_worker_threads: 2
override_source: <empty>
port: 12201
recv_buffer_size: 10485760
tcp_keepalive: true
tls_cert_file: <empty>
tls_client_auth: disabled
tls_client_auth_cert_file: <empty>
tls_enable: false
tls_key_file: <empty>
use_null_delimiter: true

when I am running my application gray log is capturing only the startuplog, thereafter
any other log generated by request to application are logged in console but graylog is failing to capture those

Only startup log shown

and their are many logs which are not shown

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  • OS Information:

  • Package Version:

  • Service logs, configurations, and environment variables:

3. What steps have you already taken to try and solve the problem?

I tried changing the logs levels still it is not working

4. How can the community help?
I am missing something?
Thanks in advance

and can’t provide ss , site is blocking due to new user
can check images here GitHub - PruthvirajHawale/graylog_issue: graylog

Hey @PruthvirajHawale

I dont know much about quarkus, but if your only getting startup logs and no other ones check if you log shipper has access to the other log files. It seams to me you can get logs ingested to Graylog but what ever is sending them to Graylog is not getting all the logs. Ensure you have the right INPUT for those logs being sent this also will have a impacted. You can test this by using a different INPUT. I see you using GELF to send thos logs, ensure your using GELF TCP or you can change it GELF UDP see if that helps.

Not sure you have seen this Doc.


EDIT: what happens if you chenge this setting from:


To something like this?


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