Graylog don't save nflow data

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first of all 1. graylog show me pkts:0 bytes:0


  1. also, i have in overview panel data from 28 jul to 31 jule, bot search export csv give me only 31 jul since 11:20 to now( i choose to all time in search)

  2. This is my event system : Cath up WIndows- : 56 hours

also i change default settings(shards,index) becouse disk consumption is 80GB on the 2 days, its very very bad

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  • OS Information: Linux Debian 20.04 Vmware

  • Package Version: graylog 5.0

  • Service logs, configurations, and environment variables:

3. What steps have you already taken to try and solve the problem?
I return setting to default yml files and gui graylog

4. How can the community help?
Sorry, I’ll ask everything at once
I would like to change the settings so that 400GB is enough for me for a month, and I would also like to see the number of bytes in packets. Some things do show a lot of bytes, but not everywhere. I would also like to create a regular expression for a couple dozen IP addresses and ports and immediately request a report on this data. It is also desirable to see live which host consumes the most network traffic

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hey @Andre4s1199

How did you setup Input for Netflow and what kind of device is send data to Graylog?

As for reducing the amount of data there are a coupel ways to acheve this. One way is to reduce the fileds not needed. This can be done with a pipeline. To be honest when I had mine working, it did produce a lot of data but I increased my volume size on Graylog.

Hi! Thanks for reply. now i get data on search. I use cisco asa 5520 for gw all network. I configure netflow … at the moment I want to get a report from some IP and ports, but their number is too large. What is the best thing for me to do? write a small regulatory mapping in the search bar, which means nf_dst_ipv4:[FROM TO] AND nf_dst_xlate_port:(some port)… Or dst_port:(20000-25000) and repeat the word or for future matches on all ports that interest me… or should I use a more elegant way? If so, how? I would also like you to include a diagram similar to what is on the main CISCO ASA server (top 10 hosts using traffic)

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