Graylog docker issue

I’m trying to setup graylog locally using docker. Everything seems to work fine but I’m getting cors policy error when accessing http:localhost:9000

Request URL:
Referrer Policy:

When I request with postman for example I’m getting:

"cluster_id": "5b56e68f-10fc-44e9-924c-3235f55b2e82",
"node_id": "2a023104-cf09-4290-bc6f-4ffac123e353",
"version": "4.0.1+6a0cc0b",
"tagline": "Manage your logs in the dark and have lasers going and make it look like you're from space!"

Cross origin has become strict in the latest version. Found the resolve for me was an easy setting to change - make sure it fits with your security stance though.

Hello thanks a lot for your reply. I manage to solve it by passing:


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