Hello everyone, I have an Unbound DNS Server, I installed the graylog on it, everything is working, I can access the graylog webpage. But then I saw that he is not collecting the DNS queries or anything, then I researched I saw that I needed some plugins, I only found 1 on the internet, and if I still use this, it does not start the graylog, can someone help me?

:wave: So it’s worth noting that for the most part, Graylog won’t collect information on it’s own. Something has to send data to it (though there’s an exception with plugins that operate on a pull model). How are you expecting to collect DNS queries? Are they being logged in syslog? If so, why not write a syslog rule to ship the logs that way? Then you could use the built-in syslog input in Graylog to collect the logs.

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the problem apparently is that unbound doesn’t have normal log files, so I would have to use these plugins to capture, I’ll show the error that shows in the graylog log

Hmmmm…That screenshot doesn’t really help much. Can you post your complete Graylog logs? Also, I’ll point you to the FAQs: There’s not really a whole lot of detail that folks can go off of in order to help you with the issue. So, knowing things like versions and version numbers would be immensely helpful in this case.

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